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Selasa, 14 Oktober 2008

Data Center Cabling Solution

When you plan and design mission-critical data center facilities, you are building the infrastructure on which the entire enterprise will rely. The physical infrastructure is the foundation of your business and its strength and reliability is crucial. Be sure your strong foundation includes Data Center Cabling Solution. Product is a globally recognized leader in Data Center cabling and is your comprehensive source for high-performance end-to-end cabling infrastructure:

  • Cabling consulting and design
  • Warrantied installation
  • Standards-based products enabling speeds up to 10 Gb/s over both copper and fiber
  • Expert technical support services
  • Category 7 Structured Network Cabling

    Exceeding ISO/IEC category 7/class FA specifications, product fully shielded TERA end-to-end cabling solution is the highest-performing twisted-pair copper cabling system available.

  • Performance to 10Gb/s and beyond, far exceeding all performance requirements for 10GBASE-T.
  • Bandwidth of 1.2 GHz per pair, twice the category 7/class F specifications and the highest of any available copper system.
  • Validated for TEMPEST high-security government applications.
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